We want to share Irish Soundscapes with everyone. Below are a few tips to help make our experience a bit more relaxing for screen reader users.

Using Jaws

As far as we know, everything works as expected when using jaws. When you find a soundscape you want to play, navigate to the play button and just press enter. We hope you enjoy your experience. Happy relaxing.

Using Voiceover

Unfortunately the player that YouTube provide us has an issue with voiceover on mobile. We have reported this issue but we can’t unfortunately fix this on our own.

Don’t worry though, there are solutions. Normally, you would double tap on the play button to start playing. What you need to do instead is double tap and hold. The player will then begin to play the video normally.

We know this isn’t standard but we promise we are trying to get this fixed. We thank you for your understanding.

Other screen readers

We haven’t tested on all screen readers, notably, we don’t know how the site functions with NVDA. If you get stuck though, relax, we have you covered.

By clicking this link, you will be taken to our YouTube channel. You will then be able to use YouTube’s interface to access our video’s the same way you access any other YouTube video.

We hope this helps. Thanks so much for supporting Irish Soundscapes. Happy relaxing